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This used to be automated and instantaneous. Abusers have forced me to switch this to a manual process. Thanks jerks.

To get an account please read over our Terms of Service.
Should you agree with them, email with a subject of "New Account".
Please make the body of the email look like this:

Username: username
Type: FTP|Git|Shell
Attachments: Public SSH Key, Public GPG key
Tax: Offensive joke|Suggested obscure horror flick|Picture of pet or place

  1. Username will be what you login with and will be where your pages are hosted It is the only required field.
  2. If you own a domain and you'd like to point it at your site, please list that next to Domain(s). See the FAQ for more info.
  3. Type will determine how you manage your site. If you don't know what git or shell is or why you would want them, choose FTP here. Currently to get approved for a shell account you will need to: know me in person or get to know me over time or provide some kind of proof that you are a good person or organization.
  4. Attach your public SSH key if you will be using SFTP, git or shell and you'd like to use it instead of your password.
  5. Attach your public GPG key if you would like for me to encrypt your accounts password when I email it back to you.
  6. Your "charge" for getting this free service from me can be fulfilled by telling me an offensive joke, linking me to a horror movie you like (the more obscure the better), or linking to a picture of your pet or a beautiful place you have been to. This isn't required, but is appreciated.